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What is Shiatsu?

Marina Chrysou, MRSS

"Shi-atsu" means finger pressure. In essence, Shiatsu is a holistic touch-based therapy, which helps adjust the way your vital energy, or 'Qi' flows in the body. You can receive shiatsu as a complementary therapy for many health issues, to relieve symptoms and increase your resilience and wellbeing.  Or simply to take regular time out to release stress and clear your mind.


Shiatsu grew out of traditional Chinese medicine approaches and oriental massage, combined with Western knowledge of anatomy and physiology. It has an interesting history from its origins in Japan, where it is officially recognised as a therapy, to the variety of approaches and influences of practitioners who introduced and practice it in the West. A study on the effects and experience of Shiatsu across three European countries was published in 2008, and the majoirty of Shiatsu users found the treatments beneficial for a range of symptoms and were able to reduce their medications.


Why Shiatsu?

It can help you to


Shiatsu will leave you incredibly relaxed. It will help you stop, listen, let go. You will experience deep inner peace and calm. If you're usually on overdrive, it will remind you to stop and let things come to you.

Find your own space

Shiatsu will help you feel more spacious, or open, like tons of weight has been lifted. It will help you pace yourself in response to events and people around you.

Choose a new gear

In periods of challenging emotions, Shiatsu will help you find a new gear, where things are neither black nor white, but more even, and emotions have an edge that is less sharp.

Deal with health challenges

When you are dealing with challenging health, Shiatsu helps you re-focus on the signs of wellbeing, feeling more whole. Symptoms are alleviated, you feel more at ease and you improve your understanding of what you need to do to manage your health. Shiatsu will teach you ways of taking care of yourself, based on the practice of oriental medicine.


Shiatsu will clear the cobwebs, leaving you feeling clear, bright and sparkly.

Focus on prevention

Shiatsu will create many small and subtle changes which make a big difference. It will turn down the volume of stress or symptoms that bother you and your body's natural ability to rebalance itself will kick in. 


What people say...

As a therapist myself I need my own nourishment and body work. To take time for yourself is important.
Marina is a skilled and intuitive practitioner with perception of her patients' needs.
With Marina you are in a safe pair of hands.

— Pam, Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist

About Marina

I practice Shiatsu professionally since 2007 and I work in health-related disciplines since 1996, including in the NHS and Public Health.


My first encounter with internal martial arts and oriental philosophy was in my early 20s. It took another twelve years and a move to London before I could begin a three-year Shiatsu training at the Shiatsu College, where I trained with some of the UK and Europe's leading teaching practitioners.


Shiatsu is a two-way interaction between receiver and practitioner in the present moment. It encourages awareness and connection with the whole self. My approach is to facilitate a safe, peaceful space where you regain a feeling of balance, wellbeing and experience your potential for health. It is as much about listening to your body/ yourself in a deep way, as it is about receiving massage or 'bodywork' which is healing and restorative. I aim to support you to make sense of the changes you experience through the bodywork and be able to talk about what it is you want to take away with you from the session.

I am senior registered practitioner with the Shiatsu Society UK, the leading professional body for Shiatsu practitioners and part of the European Shiatsu Federation. I am fully insured. I have completed post graduate training with the Shiatsu College and regularly attend continuous professional development (CPD) training to improve my skills, such as fascia release techniques, the application of Clean Language in Shiatsu, working with trauma, and others. I have also trained in NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) at Practitioner level (AIP accredited). 

Qigong and Taiji practice continue to support my Shiatsu work and personal development and expand my understanding of working with 'Qi' or vital energy. I have completed a two-year Qigong teacher training with the Shiatsu College in 2015 and continue my Taiji and Qigong studies and practice.




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